RS Daily Guide

Your cheat sheet daily guide for XP, items, or to earn GP.


Keep in mind a lot of tasks will require you to at least start a quest before being able to visit that area. Also, you are not going to make millions of GP per hour doing this task. This page is for the people just starting out or don’t feel like doing, or just can’t do, the stuff required to make millions those methods.

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General Tasks

Buckets of Sand:
Talk to Bert in Yanille next to POH. Replenished on daily tick.

Eye of Newt:
1) Frincos’ Fabulous Herb Store on Entrana. (NOTE: No armour or weapons allowed on island).
2) Poletax’s Herblore Shop in Taverley.
3) Grud’s Herblore Stall in Gu’Tanoth.
4) Jatix outside Taverley Bank

Vial of Water:
1) Obli’s General Store in Shilo Village.
2) The Lighthouse Store inside the Lighthouse.
3) Sigmund the Merchant in Rellekka.
4) Aemad’s Adventuring Supplies in Ardougne.
5) Poletax’s Herblore Shop in Taverley.

1) Fremennik Fishmonger Shop in Rellekka
2) Fishmonger Shop in Market Square of Miscellania (right Kingdom)
3) Market in Etceteria
4) Fishing Guild Shop
5) Lovecraft’s Tackle Shop in Witchaven
6) Gerrant’s Fishy Business Shop in Port Sarim
7) Fernahei’s Fishing Hut in Shilo Village
8) General Gift Shop in Oo’glog
9) Lumbridge Fishing Supplies in Lumbridge
10) Ava’s Odds and Ends in Draynor Village
11) Shantay Pass General Shop

Jack of Trades:
Loyalty Shop Item. Bought for 15,000 Points under Tier 2 in Auras Section. After activating you have 3 hours to earn at least 1 XP in 10 different skills. Takes 24 hours to recharge. Reward for completing is a XP lamp in the skill of your choice. XP earned is based on skill level. After you get the 10 skills done you do not have to wait for the 3 hours to end before going to claim your reward. Instead just remove the Aura to your inventory and it is deactivated and reward is claimable.
UPDATE: There are 2 upgrades available for Jack of Trades in Solomon’s Store. Instead of needing only 10 skills to finish it they require 15 and 20 skills (respectively) to finish. The plus to the upgrades is more XP per day when completed in full, yet you can stop at 10 or 15 skills if you do not feel like going all out.
How To Complete 20 Skills for Jack Of Trades Without Leaving Burthorpe.
1) Chop Tree for 2 logs.
2) Burn one of the logs you chopped.
3) Fletch the second log into arrow shafts.
4) Hunter with Bird Snare from Ayleth Beaststalker or catch an Imp.
5) Cage fish a Crayfish.
6) Cook Crayfish on fire pit next to Ayleth.
7) Pick a Flax from field for Farming XP
8,9,10,11) Kill a Cow for Malee XP (F4 Combat Settings – to make sure Malee is set to Balanced).
12) Bury Bone from Cow for Prayer XP.
13) Enter Cave just north of Cows to mine 1 Copper and 1 Tin.
14) Just outside Cave is place to smelt ore into bar for Smithing XP (or Lumbridge Ring to Superheat and also get Mage XP).
15) Range XP. Don’t have something? Get a FREE bow from Gnome Shopkeeper next to Burthorpe bank and go kill something.
16) Visit Poletax’s Shop and get the free stuff for Herblore XP. While there buy Vial of Water Pack and Eye of Newt Pack to sell on GE.
17) Buy the free stuff from Pikkupstix to make a Summoning Pouch.
18) Steal from Farmer or a Stall form Thieving XP.
19) Burthorpe Agility Course (East of Loadstone).
20) Is your house in Burthorpe? Cut 3-5 OAK Logs. Regular logs makes you use nails. Go to outside the house portal and talk to Plank Maker and turn the logs into planks (Costs GP). Go into your house and make something for Construction XP.
21) To replace a previous skill if you missed one. Mage. Tele, Alc, or Superheat.

Depending on level of the Seer’s Diary completed, talk to Geoffrey in the flax field for up to 200 free flax per day.

1) Buy up to 20 daily from Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle. You will not get 20 on the tick of the next day. Instead they replenish a little at a time throughout the day.
2) Buy from Naff in Zaff’s Battlestaff Shop. The amount depends on the level completed from the Varrock Diaries. Replenished on daily tick.

1) On the Fremennik Island of Jat talk to Vanligga Gastfrihet to be able to buy 1,000 Yak-Hide each day for 50 GP each. Yak-Hides are used for Summoning or sold on GE for 475-525 GP each. Total profit if sold would be about 450-475K GP daily. Only down-side to this one is making the multiple trips to the bank with 28 at a time.

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Personally, after I planted a Cactus I never removed it. Instead I stop by after about 1.5 hours and pluck 3 new Cactus spines. If you are not going to use them for Herblore they are good to sell on GE. You will find the Cactus spot in Al Kharid between Castle and the fire alter.

Fruit Trees
Starting at level 27 farming you have 6 places to plant fruit trees. At 14.6 hours grow time you may get to plant twice but busy schedules don’t always allow it.
Locations: East of Catherby, North-west Patch of Herblore Habitat, West of Tree Gnome Maze, Gnome Agility Course (just right of Spirit Tree), North-west of Brimhaven (next to docks), South-east Corner of Lletya (visible from bank).

At level 72 make sure to plant and pay for a Calquat Tree North of Tai Bwo Wannai (Run South from Brimhaven docks/POH/Loadstone).

Buy 1,000 feathers at 6gp each. Either use for fishing, fletching, or sell on GE (typically 8-20gp each).
Locations: Lovecraft’s Tackle (Witchaven), Gerrant’s Fishy Business (Port Sarim), Gift Shop (Oo’glog), Etceteria Fish (Etceteria), Fremennik Fishmonger (Rellekka), Shantay Pass Shop (Shantay Pass), Fishing Guild Shop (Fishing Guild), Island Fishmonger (Miscellania), Lumbridge Fishing Supplies (Lumbridge), Ava’s Odds and Ends (Draynor Village), Fernahei’s Fishing Hut (Shilo Village).

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Coal Mines:
Go to the Coal Truck mining area to mine coal. The truck can hold up to 308 coal depending on level of the Seer’s Village Achievement Diary. Complete the Elite tasks for the diary and Stankers (NPC) will automatically send up to 200 coal to your bank before it will start to fill the coal trucks. Even mining for the 200 auto-banked coal is worth the perk. As far as speed goes, it will be worth it to do the 200 coal that gets auto-banked. After that I went to the Mining Guild. With Dragon Pickaxe on toolbelt, enough nature runes in inventory to not run out, and a Fire or Lava Battlestaff equiped. While in Mining Guild I mined runite and mithril ores as they were available so I could Superheat those ores while mining the coal. When inventory is full head up to bank and start over. It may be worth taking a Gem Bag from Dungeoneering so you can keep those gems for an even greater gain while mining. When you are done mining you have plenty of bars that you can head over to Varrock West Bank and smith into items.

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Written by: SirWebaddict
Last Updated: 27Jan2016