Mobile Device Help

Mobile Device Help

Common Problems

A) Overheating. Possible problems/solutions.

1.  Device is old and showing its age. Time for a new one. Just because it still works is not always an excuse that works.

2. New or old, some hardware is failing. Too big of a case is keeping the heat in and causing issues. Other heat dissipation methods are not working has manufacturer planned.

3. Too good of an operating system is installed and is working the device to hard. You will need to downgrade or deal with it until the device is fried and move on to a new mobile device.

4. Too much software running in the background. Resources are limited sometimes and when a few too many are trying to use background processes, or many foreground, things will get slow. Playing a high demand game, antivirus, etc.

5. You have a virus. A really good one will never let you know it is there. As the viruses get sloppy written they can cause the device to get slower, show ads, redirect your searches, crash apps and operating system, etc.

B) I’ll continue this when the answer isn’t “you bought a cheap phone and it is dead.”

Author: SirWebaddict
Last Updated: 16Aug2019