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Email Systems Setup

The goal of this….

Just in case you get an email from someone unknown and has a virus installed, this gives you a chance to review the senders name and what they put as the subject. Even if the sender is ok the subject line could look a little fishy. This could imply their email account/computer has been compromised by a virus.

Believe it or not the email system you use is not always set up the best from the default settings. Sometimes modifications need to be made to make sure you do not get a virus. These changes need made because an anti-virus will not find these types.


1. The worst issue there is, is the preview pane. You know. That little window that is always there. As soon as you select an email it automatically shows you the email. It needs to be disabled. I would provide a how-to on it but there are too many systems and variations out there. However, if you look through the options available you will find what you are trying to find.

2. Whenever you delete or move an email what happens next? Do you see the next email in the list or are you taken back to the folder listing? If you see the next email in the list then that needs changed as well. You never know if that next email in the list is a auto-loading virus or not. It does happen. Now change it. Look through the options and change it.

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